Are all card holders eligible for the rewards?
Yes, all BisB Credit Card and Prepaid Cards are eligible to register to BisB Rewards
Is enrolment required or all customers are enrolled automatically?
Customers will need to sign up for the Rewards program to start earning reward points?
How can I enroll to the Rewards program?
Customer can enroll by visiting www.rewards.ebisb.com, clicking on the sign up button and following the instructions. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number for verification and the customer will be enrolled in few simple steps.
Are there any registration/membership fees for the program?
BisB Rewards is offered free for all BisB cardholders with no charge.
Will I still earn Gulf Air FFP miles?
Customers can still redeem their BisB Reward points with Gulf Air FFP miles on BisB Rewards website.
How many point will I earn for using my card?
The points earning varies depending on the type of your credit card, and the channel of use (national International, …etc). The detailed earning matrix is available on BisB Rewards website.
What can I redeem my points for?
The customer has 4 options for redeeming the points as per the following:
1. Travel: Booking flights, hotels and car rentals.
2. BisB Shop: a variety of electronics, gift, gadgets and much more deliver to your door steps.
3. Gulf Air FFP Miles
4. Cash Back: to your Credit/ Prepaid card
Does the Points have an Expiry Date?
Yes, the points will expire after 2 years from earning the points
If I do not have enough points for a specific item, can I pay for the rest in Cash?
Yes, customers can buy items with any combination of points and cash.